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Time Management on the Factory Floor: How to Create an Effective Workflow

Go paperless: save time on hard-to-track paper management filing

In today's world of QR codes, mobile apps, and online shopping, it is surprising that many companies still rely primarily on paper. One of the most mundane yet time-consuming tasks that factory workers face daily is filling out paperwork.
Workers on the factory floor report incidents or machine breakdowns; management shares SOPs, work instructions, and training materials with employees. All these paper administrative tasks waste time. Instead, manufacturers could quickly improve the workflow with the help of a mobile app.

The benefits of a paperless company are overwhelming. Not only does it help the environment, but it saves your business time and money. Going paperless is easier than you think. There are various software programs and apps to help you get started. Still, only one app was designed specifically for deskless employees. With its video-first approach, Yoho saves your workers hours by eliminating the need to dig through pages of machine manuals to find the information they need. It also allows for much easier updating and distribution of training materials and documentation.

Use a task management tool: assign tasks to your workers remotely

Task management tools help managers and workers keep track of their tasks and deadlines. With a mobile task management tool, a manager can remotely assign tasks to their employees without being on-site. Remote task assignment saves the company time and money because the manager doesn't have to hold daily debriefings or constantly walk around the factory to find the responsible worker. In addition, workers can access the task management tool from their phones or tablets, updating their status as they complete their tasks.

Using a mobile app like Yoho in your factory is a great way to track what needs to get don and when. By assigning tasks to your workers in the factory through an app, you can ensure that everyone knows what they need to do and when. Thanks to the fast flow of information between machines and workers, Yoho can also help you identify potential bottlenecks in your production process.

Streamline internal communication: reduce the time spent on redundant meetings

In any business, communication is key to efficiency. A mobile app that offers chat for your employees can help reduce the time spent on unnecessary meetings and keep everyone on the same page. With a dedicated communication tool, employees can easily and quickly ask questions, share ideas, and update each other on tasks and progress.

Companies that want to create an effective workflow should focus on a seamless communication process. Yoho is an innovative mobile tool that enables easy collaboration between all employees. Thanks to the built-in real-time translation feature, employees who speak different languages can now communicate clearly and efficiently.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, manufacturers can improve time management on the factory floor by creating an effective workflow. By eliminating paper, using task management tools, and streamlining internal communication, companies can increase productivity and ensure that workers complete tasks on time. With just one app designed specifically for frontline workers, you can do all of this.

Try Yoho and find out how much more effective workflow can be in your business. Schedule a demo today!

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