How is Yoho different from content tools like SharePoint?

Unlike traditional content and document management solutions built for office workers, Yoho makes it possible to capture, share and manage knowledge continuously on the factory floor. With Yoho, operators have quick access to one-point visual work instructions that are easy to follow as opposed to static .pdf documents.

What differentiates Yoho from other internal communication platforms?

Yoho offers more than just messaging to streamline floor communications. With Yoho, manufacturing companies create a centralized digital workplace for standard operating procedures, work instructions, training materials and troubleshooting guides. Yoho also has a built-in task manager so you don’t have to manually allocate tasks to your workforce every day, this way operators immediately see their daily to-do’s when they open the app at the start of their shift


What is an average implementation time for Yoho?

Yoho is built in such a way that it’s super-easy to get started. On average, it only takes a couple minutes to put together a simple 10-step work instruction. For each step, you just add a picture, a title and a short 1-sentence description. It’s as simple as that. For new customers, we provide an online training course.

How do we ensure operators use Yoho?

Operators are often very keen to start using Yoho as the platform gives them a clear overview of their daily tasks. It’s our mission is to make working with Yoho as easy, fun and straightforward as possible. Yoho enables operators to make their voice heard as it motivates them to provide feedback on work processes.

Who typically creates content for Yoho?

Oftentimes Production Supervisors, Quality Assurance or WLM-Specialists use the Yoho app to create content and new work instructions. However, some companies also employ a dedicated person or intern that takes care of content creation. In addition to this, you can always ask the Yoho team if you need help creating useful content.

Can we also use and upload our own content?

Yes. Yoho supports documents, text, images, links in addition to video, so uploading existing training materials, one-point-learnings and safety information is a great starting point. Yoho also supports the mass upload of existing content to help accelerate implementation.

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