Communication and collaboration. Built for frontline work.

Connect your workers across shifts, departments and locations to solve problems in real-time and share important updates.

Your centralized, internal communication hub to connect, inform, and engage your frontline workers when it matters the most.

Solve problems faster and in real-time. Reduce downtime and improve employee engagement by making sure everybody knows what's going on. Yoho is designed to lead to better frontline visibility and faster problem solving.

Streamline internal communications and get everybody involved

Keep everybody in the know with a company newsfeed

Follow operations in real-time and promote a culture of problem solving knowledge sharing. Control who can post and what users can see on designated channels.

“With Yoho we create more engagement and we can ensure flexible top-down communication”


Yoho is a very useful solution for inter-departmental communications and retention of expertise

Plant Director

Harry Simmons

Communicate 1:1 or chat in teams

Share updates with specific employees and teams, learn who has read your message, and send notifications for high priority content.

“Yoho enables us to quickly and easily communicate with our employees, we lower the barrier if they have questions.”


Make it personal with multi-language support

Share relevant, personalized messages in more than 100 languages and provide employees with the information they need to perform at their best - anywhere they work.

“Employees simply select their own native language when logging in and all content is automatically translated.”


Create a digital logbook and keep track of all important events

Maintain a history of important events related to a particular team, location or asset. Always be in the know of what happened during a shift or on a particular day so you get to work well prepared. No more surprises and wasted hours on reporting.

“We run a 24/7 operation and with Yoho there are no surprises when someone takes over after having a couple days off”


Why you will love it


Reduce downtime

Reduce manual, paper inefficiencies

Promote accountability

Promote worker participation in continuous improvement efforts

Better root cause analysis

Improve supervisor visibility


Employee engagement

Empower operators, enable gamification to make learning fun.


Real-Time Access

Workers scan a QR code to access instructions at their workstations


Gain better insight into problems

Improve supervisor visibility

A single solution for training, skills management and compliance

We cover all kinds of industries

Get to know our most important features


Mobile Video Editor

Capture short videos for training, how-to's and troubleshooters that are easy to retain and understand


Newsfeed & Chat

Keep everybody on the same and streamline internal communication with a newsfeed, chat & video calls.


Skills Matrix

Ensure skills coverage and compliance. Auditors can easily verify completed training.


Easy Access

Easily access content with QR-codes on the shopfloor. Get the right content at the moment of need.


Dynamic Translation

Reach everybody. Our dynamic language translator handles your content in 50+ languages.



A central hub for training & SOPs. Store your most valuable knowledge with easy authoring.

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