Ensure skills coverage.
Always be compliant.

Forget about paper and spreadsheets. Get a real-time skills matrix so auditors can easily verify completed training.

Implement and maintain training & instruction guidelines that are compliant with all ISO, IFS and BRC certifications

Forgot about the paper stacks and administrative burden. Centralize and manage all frontline skills with a simple to use skills management system.

Forgot about outdated messy spreadsheets, say hi to a real-time skills matrix

Employee skills management with an always-on approach

Yoho offers cloud based skills management that enables managers to quickly report on the underlying skills and competencies of teams and individuals. Promote skills development and enable your employees to grow with easy-to-create digital certificates.

“With Yoho we give workers access to the knowledge they need, when they need it”


We always have access to an updated skills matrix. No more nerve wracking and last minute preparations for audits and customers.

Plant Director

Stephen Wesley

Identify skills gaps

Quickly visualize your organization's skill tree and easily identify where additional training and development is needed on a team level.

“It's required to always have someone on-site with ER skills, with Yoho it's easy to see if that's the case.”


Create digital certificates

Create and assign digital certificates to employees to track their proficiency when operating with teams and assets at your organization. You can create a resource, add a quiz and assign a digital certificate with a visual badge in just minutes.

“With Yoho everyone has to go through the same training to earn a job-specific digital certificate.”


Enable push notifications when a certificate is due for renewal

With Yoho it's easy to notify workers when they are due for a refreshment training. For example, you can assign a monthly or quarterly lifetime and make sure your workers go through a regular and consistent refreshment training.

“With Yoho we never forget, our workers are automatically notified when their training is due for renewal.”


Why you will love it

Improve Productivity

Improve safety, quality and OEE with continuous training and certification

Better Comprehension

Video and photos leave less room for interpretation

Lower Training Costs

Reduce shadowing and training time away from the shop floor



Easy, QR Code access to training content on the factory floor


Short format means workers can learn when the opportunity arises


Easier to Create Content

Video takes 30-50% less time to create than written instructions

A single solution for training, skills management and compliance

We cover all kinds of industries

Get to know our most important features


Mobile Video Editor

Capture short videos for training, how-to's and troubleshooters that are easy to retain and understand


Newsfeed & Chat

Keep everybody on the same and streamline internal communication with a newsfeed, chat & video calls.


Skills Matrix

Ensure skills coverage and compliance. Auditors can easily verify completed training.


Easy Access

Easily access content with QR-codes on the shopfloor. Get the right content at the moment of need.


Dynamic Translation

Reach everybody. Our dynamic language translator handles your content in 50+ languages.



A central hub for training & SOPs. Store your most valuable knowledge with easy authoring.

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