Reduce training time. Instruct workers with a video-first approach.

A more effective approach to continuous learning and training that saves time and engages your workers.

Training and instructing your frontline workers shouldn’t be expensive and time-consuming

Saved time when it comes to training new and current employees. Enable your workers to access content on equipment operations where and when they need it, thereby reducing downtime caused by human error.

Reduce training & onboarding time with Yoho

Create content in minutes, not days

Create new training guides in minutes. Simply record a short video to capture the essentials of a complex work procedure and add images, text or a PDF. Add quizzes and help your workers gather the knowledge they need to do their jobs first-time right.

“Quickly create bite-sized training content and enable your workers to learn whenever and wherever they want.”


“The ultimate companion for frontline employees, they always have an expert in their pocket”

Plant Manager

Steve Eamons

Learn on the go with micro-lessons

Avoid information overload with Yoho, focus on just a few topics at a time. With bite-sized learning, knowledge has a greater likelihood of transferring from short-term to long-term memory where it is embedded.

“Interactive training and instructions, even completely remote or when at home and on the couch.”


Screen shot phone

Gamify your trainings and learning courses

Turn your training into a game and make learning fun with leaderboard. Increase your workers' motivation to reach their goals with friendly competition across departments or locations.

“With a leaderboard, we bring back the fun to learning for our frontline employees”


Create a skills matrix with digital certificates

Create certificates for every training guide and make sure your workers never forget a thing. With Yoho's skills matrix and continuous certification you create a standardized way to oversee and accelerate skills development

“With Yoho it's easier than ever to create digital certificates and keep track of employee skills development"


Why you will love it

Improve Productivity

Improve safety, quality and OEE through continuous training

Better Comprehension

Video and photos leave less room for interpretation

Lower Training Costs

Reduce shadowing and training time away from the shop floor



Easy, QR Code access to training content on the factory floor


Bite-sized learning means workers can easily retain information


Easier to Create Content

Video takes 50% less time to create than written instructions

A single solution for training, skills management and compliance

We cover all kinds of industries

Get to know our most important features


Mobile Video Editor

Capture short videos for training, how-to's and troubleshooters that are easy to retain and understand


Newsfeed & Chat

Keep everybody on the same and streamline internal communication with a newsfeed, chat & video calls.


Skills Matrix

Ensure skills coverage and compliance. Auditors can easily verify completed training.


Easy Access

Easily access content with QR-codes on the shopfloor. Get the right content at the moment of need.


Dynamic Translation

Reach everybody. Our dynamic language translator handles your content in 50+ languages.



A central hub for training & SOPs. Store your most valuable knowledge with easy authoring.

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