Standardize work. Help your workers do things first time right.

Standardize your work instructions, get the basics right and drive performance and minimize production inconsistencies

Digitize work instructions and standardize your operating procedures. Get all your procedures, instructions and one-point lessons in one place.

Reduce human error by standardizing work with simple and visual work instructions. Documenting complex work processes  has never been easier. Create video instructions in half the time of written ones.

Get the basics right with digital work instructions

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Capture tribal knowledge

Forget about the paper hassle and make things simple. Create, share and track visual step-by-step instructions in just minutes.

“With Yoho we now have an easy way to document complex work procedures in a standardized format.”


Yoho is a very useful solution for inter-departmental communications and retention of expertise

Executive Vice President and COO

François Chevarie

Standardize and centralize content

Create a single source of truth for all work instructions, standard operating procedures and one-point lessons. Standardize and centralize your content and make knowledge company-wide accessible across any device.

“It's easy to create standards in Yoho, it's the go-to place for our operators for when they need help.”


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Work together on continuous improvement

Share knowledge and gather continuous feedback from your employees on the go. Enable workers to provide valuable feedback and empower them to continuously improve.

“It's now easy to collaborate on projects for continuous improvement.”


Access knowledge anywhere, anytime

Create work instructions in minutes and distribute them with QR codes for instant access. Share standards across any device with a single click and keep track of who reviewed your content.

“With Yoho we can share new procedures and work standards at the click of a button”


Why you will love it

Improve Retention

Visual, one-point lessons are easier to retain


Reduce Documentation Effort

Create video instructions in half the time of written ones

Demonstrate Compliance

Version history and document publication controls

Improve Comprehension

Complement written documentation with short video instructions


Real-Time Access

Workers scan a QR code to access instructions at their workstations

Minimize Production Disruptions

Update standard work instructions without having to inform each employee one by one

A single solution for training, skills management and compliance

We cover all kinds of industries

Get to know our most important features


Mobile Video Editor

Capture short videos for training, how-to's and troubleshooters that are easy to retain and understand


Newsfeed & Chat

Keep everybody on the same and streamline internal communication with a newsfeed, chat & video calls.


Skills Matrix

Ensure skills coverage and compliance. Auditors can easily verify completed training.


Easy Access

Easily access content with QR-codes on the shopfloor. Get the right content at the moment of need.


Dynamic Translation

Reach everybody. Our dynamic language translator handles your content in 50+ languages.



A central hub for training & SOPs. Store your most valuable knowledge with easy authoring.

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