A single solution to connect and train your workers for pharma companies.

Video-first training & support for frontline workers to build a knowledge-sharing and problem-solving culture that lasts.

Accidents shouldn't be a problem

Running a pharmaceutical manufacturing process means that quality and safety are always at the top-of-mind. But with so much activity going on day-to-day, it's difficult to ensure that your workforce have what they need to succeed in their role.

Besides having to keep up with daily production numbers, you need to prevent safety incidents, prevent quality defects and prevent downtime; all of which directly effect your bottom line.

Yoho provides you with all the tools you need to automate prevention and prepare your workforce for the next industrial revolution.

Top features for pharmaceutical companies

On-the-job Training & Support

Reduce showing time. Enable your workers to train on the job.

Standardize Work Instructions

Create intuitive work instructions that are accesable anywhere, anytime.


Capture your most valuable knowledge with short videos and easy authoring.

Continuous Feedback

Gather feedback from your co-workers on the go and work together on continuous improvement.

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Why you will love it

Improve Productivity

Improve safety, quality and OEE through continuous training

Better Comprehension

Video and photos leave less room for interpretation

Lower Training Costs

Reduce shadowing and training time away from the shop floor


Easy, QR Code access to training content on the factory floor


Short format means workers can learn when the opportunity arises

Easier to Create Content

Video takes 30-50% less time to create than written instructions

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