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Supporting Deskless Workers - Best Tips for Employers

When the pandemic broke out, companies around the globe had to shut down operations, and employees were sent home to work remotely. But for some employees, working from home was not an option. Deskless workers are the unsung heroes of the pandemic.

From grocery store clerks and delivery drivers to health care workers and first responders, these men and women worked tirelessly to keep us safe and fed. They risked their own lives to make sure we had what we needed to get through this difficult time. Thanks to their dedication, we survived the darkest days of the pandemic.

Although they are called heroes who keep society running, many deskless workers are generally dissatisfied with their jobs. Studies have found that these workers feel they have less control over their work, are more likely to get injured, and have fewer opportunities to advance professionally. They also feel that they are not part of the company's "core workforce" and therefore do not receive the same opportunities and respect as those who work in offices.

In a world where the global pandemic has changed the way we work, it's more important than ever for employers to find ways to increase deskless workers' job satisfaction and retention rates. Below are some tips to help employers do just that:

  1. Offer training and development opportunities

Deskless employees are an important part of any organization. They are on the front lines of making sure business runs smoothly. Yet despite their importance, they are often overlooked when it comes to training and development opportunities. When you offer such opportunities, you not only ensure your employees have the skills and knowledge they need to work effectively, but you also show that you value their contributions and are invested in their success.

Many companies use digital solutions like mobile onboarding and task management apps to routinely train employees and offer additional skill-building programs. With Yoho, our mobile onboarding app for deskless workers, you can upload an unlimited number of training videos and guidelines to keep your employees up to date with all the information they need. With Yoho, you can invest in the training and retraining of your most valuable contributors and help shape their career paths.

  1. Provide resources and support

For an organization to be productive, all employees must have the resources and support they need to do their jobs well. This is especially true for deskless workers, who often must complete their tasks with little or no support from management. Providing your employees with all the necessary guidelines, manuals, video tutorials, and other resources they need is not only good for them, but it's also good for your business.

Our app, designed specifically to support frontline employees, provides a video-based knowledge hub that all employees can access on demand through their cell phones. With easy access to the practical knowledge, they can avoid mistakes and get their work done well and on time. Plus, when in doubt, a new employee can turn to a more experienced colleague using our chat feature with automatic translation to enable collaboration despite language barriers. As an employer, you need to make sure to show support and engagement. With Yoho, you can build a "frontline first" culture where deskless workers are encouraged to give their feedback.

  1. Communicate clearly

In any workplace, communication is key to maintaining order and productivity. In organizations with deskless employees who may not have regular or direct access to their supervisors, communication is even more important. It is critical in keeping deskless employees informed of company updates, policy changes, and other important information. It can help prevent misunderstandings and conflicts and is critical to keeping employees engaged and productive. While working on the factory floor does not favor communication between employers and workers, a mobile app that disseminates all important news can be very beneficial. Yoho's company feed, as well as its advanced system for giving and receiving feedback and multilingual group and personal chats, all contribute to smooth communication between all employees. Clear and concise communication means higher employee engagement and job satisfaction.

In conclusion, consider the following tips when supporting your company's deskless workers:

  • Identify career opportunities and provide the necessary training and support;
  • Provide easy access to the tools and information they need;
  • Give them the opportunity to interact with each other and with you, and make sure their voice is heard.

By following these tips and using a dedicated mobile app for onboarding, training, and managing deskless employees, you can create a work environment that supports your employees and helps them thrive.

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