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How Yoho Makes Workplaces Safer for Non-Desk Workers

Discover how Yoho's features make workplaces safer for deskless workers.

Factory Floor Fails: 3 Mistakes Managers Make and How Yoho Can Help You Avoid Them

Are you making one of these mistakes too? Check how to avoid them with the help of Yoho.

Top Reasons To Invest In Deskless Automation For Your Team

Invest in automation technology for deskless workers to reduce operating costs, and increase employee productivity.

Supporting Deskless Workers - Best Tips for Employers

Learn how to create a work environment that supports your employees and helps them thrive. Spoiler alert: use Yoho.

Yoho: Your Solution to Onboarding Temporary Factory Workers

Properly onboarding temporary factory workers makes them reliable, productive, and efficient.

The Ultimate Solution to Onboarding Non-Desk Workers

Learn how to create a successful onboarding process for blue-collar workers in high employee turnover factories.

Reducing Machine Downtime in Manufacturing Companies: 3 Tips for Success

Machinery malfunctions are inevitable, but you can drastically reduce their amount with digital solutions.

Top 3 Operational Challenges Manufacturers Face Today —and How to Overcome Them

Just when you think operations are running smoothly, machines break down...

How to Improve Communication and Staff Engagement

When it comes to organizing your team members and making sure that everyone is on the same page, communication is..

Why We Founded Yoho to Focus on the “Deskless” Opportunity

It’s now been about half a year ago since I quit my job as Operations Director at a manufacturing company. Even...

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