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How to Improve Communication on the Factory Floor

Every manufacturing facility relies on effective communication to survive and prosper. Internal communication on the factory floor is dependent on workers physically chatting with one another or using external chat solutions. In such cases, information rarely flows efficiently.

Individual departments in many industries keep to themselves and interact little with the other teams surrounding them. When this happens, an information silo forms: critical knowledge never leaves the department where it was created, even if it would be enormously beneficial to others in the same organization.

Maintaining constant production at consistent quality levels necessitates real-time communication throughout many shifts and between all departments on the floor. That kind of dependability could never be provided by simple word-of-mouth exchanges. All of these issues can be solved by conducting internal interactions digitally rather than in person.

Digitize Internal Communication And Enhance Reactivity With Factory Floor Communication Software

Digitizing internal manufacturing communication also offers up new sources of information, increasing the pace with which your operations can move. Many organizations use WhatsApp chats to facilitate employee discussions. This improvised solution works well for simple one-on-one or group chats, but it pales in contrast to technologies designed for use on the factory floor. All communication flows effortlessly in the context of production, around specific machines and processes, promoting a more beneficial collaboration than typical WhatsApp talks could deliver.

The reality of manufacturing is that machine-to-human communication is just as crucial as human-to-human communication on the production floor. Factory floor control software not only keeps all of your employees in contact with one another at all times during their shifts, but it also receives regular feedback from all of your machinery and production lines.

Employees will always know what is expected of them when such a framework is in place, even during times of fast change. Similarly, managers will constantly be aware of developing production issues before they become severe work stoppages. Instead of waiting for production to stall or a crisis to hit, those workers can take the initiative and work proactively on the factory floor.

This level of openness allows for increased individual accountability as well as targeted, extremely effective factory management strategies. Constant feedback helps you to steadily improve KPIs and total factory floor efficiency while swiftly compensating for any areas of poor performance in real time.

Factory workers can communicate their views and thoughts with their superiors using the incredible capabilities of the Yoho app, a production management, and digital instruction set tool. This information is recorded and saved for future use. The knowledge of one individual or team then spreads throughout your facilities, enabling you to create a potent library of tactics for later use.

The Yoho app features chat, factory feed, a two-way feedback system, task management system where workers or superiors can leave comments. Also, there are digital instruction sets, video guides, and manuals, a video knowledge base, and a lot of amazing features manufacturers can enjoy to enhance their worker's communication level.

Contact us today, and let’s help you set up your factory communication management system!

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