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Mobile Task Management for the Factory Floor: 3 Game-Changing Benefits You Need to Know About in 2023

As we enter 2023, the challenges of task management for factory workers remain a major headache for managers industry-wide.

While the corporate world has rapidly adjusted to the uncertainty created by two years of covid-induced remote work by using cutting-edge technology, professionals in deskless environments appear to be left behind, forced to continue with old methods which are often outdated and inefficient.

Relying on tried and tested practices when managing a team of factory workers might seem reasonable now, which is completely understandable - why change something that’s already working, right? But, is it really sustainable long-term? Read on to learn more!

The issues of task management on the factory floor

With technological advancements and widely implemented modernisation, factories have become more efficient year on year. The fact remains, however, most factories and manufacturers still hugely rely on the expertise and experience of their employees. Managing a large team of highly specialized workers distributed throughout a factory, and who are responsible for multiple tasks can be extremely challenging and, at times, cause problems for the organization as a whole.

Some of the most common challenges in task management that industrial companies are still facing in 2023 are:

  • Relying on paper documentation or in-person meetings to distribute tasks, brief team members on daily priorities, and hand over responsibilities during shift changes
  • Inefficient communication between employees resulting in loss of production time during prolonged machine downtimes
  • Difficulty storing and distributing educational and training materials causing delays in keeping all employees informed and on the same page

Do these issues sound familiar? Well, good news! There is a simple fix. By employing an intuitive mobile task management system, created specifically for industrial workers, you can replace paper-based procedures and improve your internal processes. Let’s go through just a few examples of how using new technologies for factory task management can benefit your organization from day 1.

Benefits of mobile task management system for factory workers

Smartphones have changed the way we live. Only three years ago, in 2020, there were 3.5 billion users around the world. 47% of US smartphone users say they couldn’t live without their devices. That applies to deskless workers too!

It’s almost certain that your factory employees use their mobile devices as their primary way of consuming content and communicating with others, especially with millenials overtaking manufacturing in a more youthful workplace. Why not use that to your organization's advantage?

In recent years the need for better task management systems for deskless professionals drove tech companies to develop new technologies and apps, making the management of factory worker’s jobs more efficient.

  1. Everything you need is in your hands (literally)
    A mobile app tailored to your company’s needs is not just a one-stop-shop for all the training materials, procedures, and instructions. It can completely transform the way your factory teams work, task management included!
    Ditch the paper and use a mobile task management system to:
    - assign tasks to workers
    - track the progress and record completed tasks
    - leave feedback
  2. Hassle-free communication
    Thanks to customized group chats and in-app notifications, you can save time and directly engage with your employees. No more running around the factory looking for the right person! Connected workers respond to all kinds of machine failures and incidents quickly and efficiently, reducing machine downtime and preventing lost production time. What’s more, deskless employees tend to feel sidelined and often don’t feel like part of the group. With a mobile app they can not only align themselves with the company’s strategy and culture, but they can experience a greater sense of social integration.
  3. Boosted productivity and quality
    With a seamless management system in place, overseeing all tasks with the ability to monitor progress means a major increase in your workforce’s motivation, quality of work and output. Your employees are able to track and manage their skills, which helps them stay focused and feel empowered. With the insights you can gain from collecting operational data you can build a dream-team of highly skilled and driven experts.

Here at Yoho, we don’t just believe that employing new technologies for factory floor task management is the future. We have hundreds of examples where our tailor-made solutions improved our clients’ employee retention, boosted productivity, quality and safety and made internal communication easier.

Book a demo to see how Yoho can streamline your factory’s task management seamlessly this year.

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