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Why Digital Solutions Are Effective in Onboarding Agriculture Workers

Agriculture is one of the world's most important industries, responsible for providing food for nearly two-thirds of the world's population. It employs more than one billion people and produces over $1.3 trillion worth of food annually. To meet this growing demand, new labor is constantly needed to grow, care for, and harvest crops. The process of onboarding this new workforce is critical to ensure they are able to perform their jobs effectively and contribute to the success of the agricultural industry.

Digital solutions, such as mobile apps, are very effective in onboarding new workers because of their ease of use and ability to track data.

Yoho is a mobile onboarding solution tailored to reduce turnover rates and wasted resources during the farm worker onboarding process.

Some of the benefits of using Yoho to onboard your farm workers include:

Improved Communication and Engagement

Communication and engagement are critical in onboarding agricultural employees, helping them feel comfortable and accepted, and providing important information and updates. Good communication also helps new employees understand their roles and responsibilities in the workplace. Engagement encourages employees to contribute to a positive work environment and promotes teamwork.

By using Yoho to communicate with new farm employees, you can ensure everyone is on the same page:

  • Easily assign and monitor tasks
  • Leave and receive feedback
  • Use chats and the company feed to communicate with your employees
  • Send notifications when something requires your employees' attention

Automated Training Process

To produce food in a sustainable way, we need a steady supply of labor to help with farming. Farming is a long and difficult process, and it is important that new workers are able to meet the challenges from the beginning. That's why it's so important to provide them with proper training.

Yolo helps automate the onboarding process and create a smooth interaction between employees and managers. With Yoho, your farm workers can:

  • Complete quick and engaging video training
  • Access important information anytime, anywhere
  • Complete health and safety training on their mobile devices
  • Easily find manuals, policies and instructions

Easy Task Management and Digital Reporting

Task management is an essential part of farm work. Agricultural workers must be able to effectively manage their time and tasks to achieve production goals. Good task management helps workers stay organized and focus on specific tasks rather than all of the work. It also helps them prioritize their work and make better decisions.

Yoho is an onboarding mobile app with an integrated task management system that eliminates paper filing and redundant meetings. Thanks to the translation feature, your new employees who speak different languages can understand all instructions and communicate efficiently. With Yoho you can:

  • Create an effective workflow by assigning tasks to employees
  • Monitor the progress of task completion
  • Track the process of improving your employees' skills
  • Better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your employees

Yolo is an app that can be customized to be a one-stop shop for your training procedures, materials and instructions. Among other things, it can transform your company's task management and the way farmers work.

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