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Why a Connected and Engaged Workforce is Key to Make your Teams Run Like Clockwork

Operations management is the backbone of your business. As a former Operations Manager myself, I know how crucial it is to get your team working together efficiently. A connected and engaged workforce is key to make your teams run like clockwork and increase productivity.

However, one of the biggest operational challenges faced by companies with a large percentage of frontline workers are high turnover rates. Constantly having to recruit and train new employees gets very expensive.

There are a number of reasons why turnover rates are extremely high. Here are just a few:

  • Frontline employees have a lot of options where they want to work;
  • There’s a huge labor shortage;
  • Engagement is often low as they don’t feel connected and are not well informed about what’s going on in their workplace;
  • Short training or even worse – no training at all.

Connected employees feel more involved and are more likely to stay

So if employee retention is a problem at your company, enabling your employees to be more connected is essential. Engaged employees are more invested in their work and are more likely to stay at your company. This saves you time and costs on recruiting and training. With a dedicated factory app such as Yoho employees can communicate directly with their peers. They can chat over the app if they want. If an employee is sick, he or she could use the app to find someone to cover his or her shift.

Enable your employees to be more proactive

Traditionally, workers would run around the factory all day and tasks such as basic maintenance or cleaning would rarely be completed on time. And since there is typically no tool in place to track task progress it’s difficult to hold people responsible for the work they do. Also, company updates, safety reminders and operations announcements would be posted on whiteboards. This makes it unable to track who actually read your message.

With a dedicated factory app employees can directly inform others about things that are happening on the floor. They could send out an alert regarding a machine-or quality problem. They can also allocate a task to a maintenance engineer and add a picture or a video. The maintenance engineer would then receive a push notification so he or she knows what needs to be fixed. And since all activity is tracked, supervisors can now easily see how teams and individuals perform. With Yoho there’s finally a tool to engage and involve everyone to improve your production processes.

Dreaming up new ways to streamline workflows, improve internal processes, and increase overall productivity is always top of mind for the savvy operations manager.

With Yoho you can help facilitate employee engagement and productivity with:

  • Dedicated communication feeds for posting company updates, staff announcement and best practices to keep everyone on the same page;
  • Task management so you can truly involve all your employees on the floor to share and solve problems in real-time, and;
  • The ability to connect your corporate intranet to share files such as learning materials and personal paychecks.

Reduce turnover, save money and improve productivity
A connected and engaged workforce is key to make your teams run like clockwork and increase productivity. And since most employees already have a smartphone using an app to connect and involve your teams is now easier than ever.

At Yoho we’re helping manufacturing companies reduce turnover and save money, while helping their people be more productive. Request a demo if you want to experience how we can help you save money with a connected workforce!

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