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Gold Standards Using Yoho To Manage Temporary Workers

Regardless of which industry you operate in, you may need to hire temporary workers. The process of hiring, onboarding, and managing temporary workers can be time-consuming and costly if not done properly. Whether your company only hires additional workers during peak seasons or you recruit temporary staff on a regular basis, it's important to establish an efficient process. We will discuss the best practices you can adopt to manage temporary workers.

Hiring and Onboarding Temporary Workers

An inefficient hiring and onboarding process for a company that recruits hundreds of temporary employees results in wasted time and resources. New employees arrive unprepared and quickly get overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge they are expected to acquire. It takes a long time for new workers to be able to perform their tasks independently. Meanwhile, the productivity of your skilled employees drops as they need to train the newbies. The result? Hiring temporary workers often slows down production before productivity actually increases.

To avoid this hassle, many companies decide to update their hiring and onboarding processes and take a more modern approach. Yoho, a video-based digital onboarding solution, is a mobile app that helps you streamline the entire process and increase efficiency. With Yoho, companies can record and upload video instructions and safety tutorials for new employees to increase their engagement. Research has shown that workers are more likely to remember visual instructions than those they can only hear. When you set up an efficient onboarding process, your employees will stay with the company longer, reducing turnover rates.

Task Management

If you run a large company with hundreds of employees, you may run into problems when distributing tasks. You can not have all employees in the same place at the same time. You can not rely on a bulletin board to post schedules and tasks for the day either. Everyone has a smartphone, so assigning tasks via a mobile app like Yoho helps eliminate the need to use paper to share information.

Using the app saves time because everyone knows what job they need to do. It prevents losses in the production process when employees receive information on time thanks to the notification system. With video-based training, your employees are more confident as they can access the training materials anytime and anywhere.

The management team can conveniently assign tasks to specific employees and monitor progress in real-time. Employees can provide feedback and notify supervisors when the task is complete. This two-way system improves internal communication and increases productivity.

Easy Communication Between Management And Staff

Companies that hire hundreds of temporary workers often have difficulty communicating with their employees. Communication is critical in these types of workplaces, as workers must be able to understand and follow instructions quickly. Good communication saves time and ensures that temporary workers are doing their job correctly.

With its integrated company newsfeed and chat features, Yoho solves all communication problems on the factory floor. Team members can freely share information by sending messages in the chat, while management can keep everyone on the same page via the newsfeed.

If a machine breaks down, the information is simply relayed to the responsible employee, which allows for the problem to be fixed quickly and efficiently. Typically, deskless employees don't feel like they are part of the group, but with a mobile app like Yoho, they can interact with other employees and better align with the company's strategy and culture.

Run Your Operations Digitally

Turning your business processes digital is the best decision you can make. With Yoho, you can eliminate paper processes, saving you time. Assigning tasks remotely ensures everyone knows what needs to be done. Easy communication means information flows freely and you no longer have to meet with employees from different departments to share information.

By automating your processes, you save time, increase productivity, streamline communication, assign tasks more efficiently, save money, and ensure your employees complete tasks on time. The goal of using an app like Yoho is to ensure your temporary workers are trained, feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, communicate well with management, and have tasks to complete at all times.

If you'd like to learn more about how Yoho can help you manage your temporary workforce, leave your email address and we will get back to you.

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